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Hello everyone. I just joined.

I recently just discovered The League of Gentlements about a month ago and I just LOVE this show. I'm a huge horror movie fan and love the fact that they do too and incorporate it into the show. Reece is my favorite. He's such a cutie. But their all very talented performers and writers. It's the best show I've ever seen.

P.A. Am I the only one that finds Reece attractive even when he's made up as Judee Levinson and Keith Drop?
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An LJ community for Mr S! How wonderful!

Biiiiggggggg fan of Mr S obviously :) He's just such a funny, handsome and talented man....

I have some footage on my YouTube page ( that I took of Reece at this year's FrightFest and also some of all of the Gents at the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley where the Gents showed one of their favourite films "Theatre of Blood" and then the Christmas Special. I was in the front row so it's all close up! I couldn't believe how near I was to them - I arrived late and was shown to my seat just as the Gents were coming to the front and saying a quick hello before the film. Reece looked at me and I nearly melted there and then...gah!

Do have a look at the footage - and enjoy it!
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I love Reece in Catterick! I got the DVD quite recently and I've reminded myself how enjoyable that whole series is - especially Reece as the psychotic Tony. I'm assuming this community is mostly female orientated so hopefully no straight fellas out there in internet land will be bored or pissed off at me commenting just how attractive he is in that series. There's at least one majorly hot moment in every episode. All it takes is for him to hold a gun, mime to a Morrissey song, or scowl at himself in the mirror and I've lost it! Reece plays a psycho very well.

I'm currently trying to find an icon I made from that series a while ago but I can't remember where I placed it. If I don't have any luck I may be forced to make some more from the DVD.

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Hello! Newbie here.
Love Reece, obviously. And am a tad obsessed with the utterly brilliant Keith Drop and Papa Laz in particular.
That's all i gotta say before i hit 'update' so i can look at the lovely journal layout again, hahah!

*Dribbles slightly*

Ahem. Nice to find this comm, by zee way!